Ninja Label

Ninja® Label

Discourages Thieves by Imprinting Your Logo When Removed

The unique Ninja® Label not only provides very visible, extremely effective EAS protection, but, when removed, it also leaves behind your full color logo as a major theft deterrent and a method to identify merchandise that came from your store.

Compatible with all 8.2 MHz RF systems, the Ninja® Label quickly attaches via its strong adhesive backing and is easily deactivated for operational efficiency. Its rugged construction assures a high pick rate, and, if removed, your logo label remains on the packaging as a hard-to-remove marker showing the merchandise originated in your store.

Roll Specifications

  • Size: 33mm Diam (1.3″)
  • Thickness: 0.23mm (.01″)
  • Frequency: 8.2 MHz
  • Color: Gold
  • Sensitivity: 0.3A/m-1.5A/m
  • Splices: 1

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